Facebook Channel Setup

Facebook Channel Setup


In order to set up a bot including a facebook channel you need to have set up the following prerequisites:
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    Go through the bot creation process but stop before the last step "Creating you first ChatBot"

Creating the bot including the facebook channel

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    Log in with your Facebook account and go to your already created app
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    Click on Add Product in the menu and select Messenger
  3. 4.
    Generate the page access token
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    Make a POST to /botstore/bots with a JSON like this:
    { "packages": [ "eddi://ai.labs.package/packagestore/packages/?version=1" ], "channels": [ { "type": "eddi://", "config": { "appSecret": "", "verificationToken": "", "pageAccessToken": "" } } ] }
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    Deploy your bot as described in the "Creating you first ChatBot" page!
After deployment your webhook URL will look like this:
VERY IMPORTANT! The URL needs to be https and the certificate needs to be an actual certificate of a valid certification agency. For free certificates have a look here:
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    Click on Messenger in the menu and open the webhook setup.
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    Enter your bot URL and the verification token that you entered when creating the bot and add messages as a subscription
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    Deploy your Facebook app and the bot is live!