Creating your first Chatbots

Prerequisites: Up and Running instance of EDDI (see: Getting started)

How does it work?

In order to build a Chatbot with EDDI, you will have to create a few configuration files and POST them to the corresponding REST APIs.

A chatbot can consists of the following elements:

  1. (Regular) Dictionary to define the inputs from the users as well as their meanings in respective categories, expressed by a expression language e.g. apple -> fruit(apple)

  2. Behavior Rules triggering actions based on execution of behavior rules checking on certain conditions within the current conversation

  3. Http Connector requests/sends data to a Rest API and makes the json response available within the conversation (e.g for Output)

  4. Output to answer the user's request based on actions triggered by behavior rules

  5. Package to define which `LifecycleTasks` (such as the parser, behavior rules, rest api connector, output generation, ...) should be executed in order by how they are defined

  6. Bot to define which packages should be executed in this bot

Example of a resource reference


eddi:// URI resources starting with this protocol are to be related with in EDDI

ai.labs.regulardictionary Type of resource

/regulardictionarystore/regulardictionaries API path

ID ID of the resources

VERSION Read-only version of the resource (each change is a new version)

Version of this resource (each update operation will create a new version of the resource)

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