Your first bot

How to use the godfather bot
After EDDI has started point your browser to this URL:
Default EDDI URL when starting EDDI via docker
You should be seeing this on the page
EDDI start screen without bots deployed
Click on "Deploy Example Bot". This will deploy the Bot Father bot, to help you create your own bots utilizing ChatGPT.
EDDI start screen with Bot Father bot deployed
This bot walks you through the process of creating a new bot that talks to ChatGPT. In order to create that bot, you will need to get an API key from ChatGPT. This key can be obtained here:
Link to get a ChatGPT API key
As soon as you have your key, click on Open and the first conversation with the Bot Father will start.
Bot Father conversation start
Click on "Let's get started!" to start the process.
Provide a name for the bot
First you need to type the name of your bot.
Define the purpose of the bot
Next, you need to define the purpose of the bot.
Introduction prompt
Every bot needs an introduction to set the tone and the context of the bot for ChatGPT. This is the first prompt. This defines how ChatGPT is going to reply.
Enter ChatGPT API Key
Now, the Bot Father needs the ChatGPT API key. Please enter the key here without any leading or trailing blanks.
Bot creation screen
Everything is now set up. When clicking on "Create the bot!" the Bot Father will create a new bot and you can start talking to it.
EDDI Dashboard with deployed first bot
The new bot is deployed and by clicking on open, you can instantly talk to the bot.