Output Templating

One of the coolest features of EDDI is it will allow you dynamically template your output based on data that you would receive from httpCalls or context information for instance, that makes EDDI's replies to user interactions richly and dynamically.

The output templating is evaluated by thymeleaf templating engine, that means you can use the majority of thymeleaf tags and expression language to define how you would like your output to be.

Enabling the feature:

Basically while creating the bot you must include eddi://ai.labs.output to one of the packages that will be part of the bot.

Important: The templating feature will not work if it is included before eddi://ai.labs.output extension, it must be included after.


Here is how the output templating should be specified inside of a package.

  "packageExtensions": [
      "type": "eddi://ai.labs.output",
      "config": {
        "uri": "eddi://ai.labs.output/outputstore/outputsets/{{outputset_id}}?version=1"
      "type": "eddi://ai.labs.templating"

Make sure the templating is defined after the output, not before.

Additional Information :

Thymeleaf documentation.

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